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The industry sector of CNBM mainly consists of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and China National Building Materials Glass Co. By launching strategic resources integration and restructuring work, reforming the traditional industry with new techs and investing in advanced production forces, we set up a number of power sector platforms of cement, glass, light weight building material, glass fiber, composite material and refractory materials,

Composite Materials

Scale: The megawatt-level fan blade manufacturer which is the largest in China and ranks Top Three worldwide. Possession of blade production bases located in Lianyungang, Shenyang, Jiuquan and Baotou and the oversea research and development center. The total production capacity has reached 10 thousand pieces.
Key enterprise: China Composites Group Corporation Ltd.
  Industrial Advantage: China’s main manufacturer of megawatt wind turbine generator blade and glass fiber mat. Possesses cutting-edge core technology of 3MW and 5MW sea wind turbine blade, leader of domestic civil carbon fiber production technology. Possesses China’s first-class production bases for products including winding glass steel tank, high pressure gas bottle, new flooring materials, boat and car parts and alike. Founded the wholly-owned German subsidiary SINOI as the oversea R&D center of wind blades.