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The industry sector of CNBM mainly consists of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and China National Building Materials Glass Co. By launching strategic resources integration and restructuring work, reforming the traditional industry with new techs and investing in advanced production forces, we set up a number of power sector platforms of cement, glass, light weight building material, glass fiber, composite material and refractory materials,

Glass Fiber

Scale: Total production capacity has reached 900 thousand tons, ranking No.1 worldwide.
  Key enterprise: China Fiberglass Co., Ltd.
Industrial Advantage: Possession of the largest glass fiber research and development center and laboratory in China with most advance equipment, and mastering the world-leading design and building technology for glass fiber tank furnace, including the worldwide largest-scale alkali free tank furnace production line with annual production capacity of 140 thousand tons; Possession of the medium alkali tank furnace production line with production capacity of 40 thousand tons, and of the alkali free environment-protecting tank furnace production line with production capacity of 30 thousand tons level by using 100 percent waste fiber as raw materials.